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Cosmetology School for Adult Students

blog-stylistHair stylist was named the least stressful job of 2015 by CareerCast.com! On a stress scale of 100, it scored only 5.47 points. If you are eager to make a career change, cosmetology could be the right field for you. Are you a people person interested in beauty trends? Here are five reasons not to be intimidated by being an adult cosmetology student.

Maturity Level

As an adult, you will be less inclined to take your studies for granted. At a more mature age, you understand the importance of studying for tests and completing your coursework on time. While you can be a procrastinator at any age, you are going back to school to achieve very specific goals. As an adult student, you will be more understanding of deadlines and scheduling as they directly affect your level of success.

Focused Determination

Regardless of the level of schooling you had before this point, you are less likely to be distracted in the classroom than you would have at a younger age. As a 20-something-year-old college student, you are thinking about Friday night’s party or Saturday’s hiking trip. The older you get, the less concerned you’ll be with having a full social calendar. Therefore, more focus and determination will be put on your long-term goal of starting a career.

Financial Freedom

Depending on the age you are when you decide to go back to school, you could still be paying off student loans. If so, financial aid is available for adult students. If you have no student debt, hopefully you are in good financial standing to pay for your education. Since this is a career transition, hopefully you have some money saved! At the very least, you should have a budget and determine what needs to be adjusted for you to afford school.

Flexible Schedules

Is your husband’s work schedule preventing you from taking the plunge? Or your kids are too young for you to go back to school full time? At Dolce Academy, a busy schedule does not disqualify you from attending our classes. We allow you to be a part-time student during the day or night. The program takes 75 weeks to complete, but you only attend for four hours a day.

It’s Like Riding a Bike

Finally, there is no reason to be nervous about how long you’ve been out of school! We learn something new every day, so you still have a capacity to process information. It might seem strange at first to be back in a school setting, but a lot of your courses are hands-on. You can prepare yourself by identifying your goals and creating a plan to accomplish them. That way, when you walk back into school, you will be prepared to take on anything.

If you are ready to pursue cosmetology school as an adult student, contact Dolce Academy to schedule a tour, discuss financial aid options or fill out an application today.