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Creative Careers to Pursue in Cosmetology

Cosmetology is a broad field of study that encompasses many different areas, from hairdressing and professional makeup to spa services. At Dolce Academy, our students receive a well-rounded education that bridges knowledge with experience in our associated salon. A full-time student can complete our program in 46 weeks and start searching for that dream job. However, you might not be aware of some of the career paths you can pursue with a degree in cosmetology. We provide you with seven to consider:

Fashion Show Stylist

The fashion world is exciting, fast-paced and constantly changing. If you are someone who loves fashion, it is the perfect direction for you to take your career. It does require stylists to take risks, though. To succeed in the industry, you’ll have to be able to work well with the designers and bring their designs to life through hair and makeup.

Editorial/Advertising Stylist

As an editorial or advertising stylist, every day is different. Not only do you get to meet and work with new celebrity figures at each shoot, but you are challenged to create a unique look that has never been seen in a photo-shoot before. This career is perfect for a cosmetologist who is versatile and organized, with the ability to create any look with minimal direction.

Platform Artist

This career path is one of the most exciting in the field. Platform artists get to travel to different cities around the world, educating people about your passion at hair and beauty shows. Your work demonstrating different techniques and trends could inspire others to pursue their cosmetology dreams. The ideal platform artist is quick on their feet, knowledgeable and comfortable presenting concepts to others on a public stage.

Celebrity/Personal Stylist

Many people dream about being celebrities themselves, so why not settle with working for one? As a personal stylist, you get to be up close and personal with the rich and famous. The only caveat? Having to handle potentially temperamental personalities. The best celebrity stylists are patient, flexible and highly skilled to deal with this, proving that they have the technical expertise to make their clients look great above all else.

Salon Development Partner

Salon development is a different kind of field for cosmetologists. Rather than directly styling people, the salon development partner helps salons become successful businesses. You will educate the management and staff about different products and techniques while coaching them on proper business planning. The salon development partner must like business, traveling and working with people to be a good ambassador.

Stylist for Film and Theater

If you tune into acting awards shows to see the makeup winners, a career as a stylist for film and theater actors might be the one for you. This cosmetology occupation requires an array of knowledge of popular hair and makeup looks from the past to truly put an actor in character. The theater stylist also needs to know how to create looks that hold up under the bright lights and can be seen from the very last row. If you are a versatile and creative cosmetologist who is eager to learn and loves the performing arts, this career path is for you.

Cruise Ship Stylist

This last, out-of-the-box cosmetology career path is perhaps the most fun. Imagine being able to sail off to a different destination island each week and getting paid for it. However, there are some serious stipulations that come with being a cruise ship stylist. Since you are constantly traveling, you agree to be away from friends and family for long periods of time. You’re also working with people who are used to their own hairdresser or spa technician from home, so you must be patient, friendly and knowledgeable in order to please each client.  If you have few serious commitments, a desire to travel and don’t mind being on the clock when others are vacationing all around you, look into becoming a cruise ship stylist.

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