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Spring Beauty Trends for 2016

Cosmetologists are always up-to-date on the latest trends and one step ahead of what’s to come. This season, spring marks the return of many trends that we have seen in the past. Luckily, they are easy for anyone to execute, not just the professionals! The top styles featured on runaways around the world in hair, makeup and nails are sure to make a statement this spring.


blog-braidThis season, messy locks and simple ‘dos are the new “in” styles for hair. With warmer weather approaching, we no longer have to worry about snow ruining our perfectly rounded curls and are free to roll out of bed with our hair as is thanks to these trends.

  • If you have long hair that’s hard to control, you’ll love that braids are in again. Both traditional and French braids made a comeback on the runways; some even combined the two into a French braid headband.
  • A fancy word for braids, the plaits that are on-trend now are more like twists. Rather than tightening the three groups of hair as you cross them, twists are looser and alternate with two strands rather than three.
  • If you’re having a bad hair day, forget the baseball cap or messy bun! Mask any imperfections with a thick, stretchy headband or something more fancy with encrusted gemstones or flowers.



  • Electric Eyes. Blue eyeshadow was popularized in the 80s – three decades later, it’s back! A sweep of electric blue across the lash line was seen time and time again on the runway for spring. However, it was applied more dramatically than normal eyeshadow. If you dare to rock this look, it should be an artistic application like a thick cat’s eye swept across the upper lid, rather than under the lower lashes.
  • Loud Lips. Bold lip colors have been “in” for quite some time, but deeper shades are on trend for spring. Dark burgundy and crimson were seen more than the brighter shades of red we’re used to seeing on celebrities. While matte continues to be a trend in lipstick, some designers were applying blush to the lips of the models before they walked out, creating a more velvet look.
  • Lavender Looks. If electric blue is too extreme for you, try the softer tone of lavender on your eyes. This soft tone of purple looks best on people with fair skin and green eyes, but anyone can try the trend and pull it off with the right attitude.
  • Dewy Skin. What if you could stop wearing foundation for a season? The spring trend of glossy skin allows you to do just that! Many runway models were seen with bare, dewy skin that was enhanced by applying Vaseline on the cheekbones. There are a few other tricks out there to get the same look. Different oils like Marula, coconut or jasmine create a subtle glow that doesn’t make your skin appear overly oily. You can also add these oils to your cream blush if you want a subtler dewy finish.


  • French Manicures. Over the past several years, we’ve seen some crazy nail styles become trends. This spring, it’s back to basics with the simple French manicure. You can substitute the white tips for a pop of color if the old-school style is too proper for your taste.
  • Subtle Nail Art. Many of the French manicures seen on the runway had subtle accents of nail art, whether it was a bright stripe down the center or a colored tip. As the nail art craze dies down, more minimalistic designs are being donned.
  • Color of the Year. Pantone, the authority on color, crowned two winners of the color of the year title of 2016: rose quartz and serenity. According to Pantone, together, the light shades of pink and blue represent warm and cold, order and peace. Rose quartz or serenity on their own make trendy nail color choices, but the combination of both is an awesome two-tone creation we will be seeing all year long.

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