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After students have completed the Orientation to Clinic, they will learn the basic concepts of being a cosmetology professional in our Foundation course. The focus of this 180-hour section is on hair, nails, skin and sanitation practices. Students will be trained and tested in the following areas:

Hair Styling

  • Roller set
  • Wrapping
  • Finger waves
  • Pin curls
  • Back brushing/comb out
  • Blow dry styling
  • Thermal set
  • Thermal curling
  • Formal styling
  • Thermal straightening


  • Virgin app
  • Full color app
  • Foiling-weave
  • Foiling-slice
  • Cap highlight
  • Baliage
  • Platinum card

Hair Cutting Basics

  • Blunt cut
  • 180 degree cut (long layers, square layers)
  • 90 degree cut (uniform layers, round layers)
  • 45 degree cut (stacked, beveled, triangular layers)


  • Basic
  • French/invisible
  • Cornrow/visible
  • Fishtail
  • Waterfall

Chemical Texture Services

  • Relaxer
  • Basic perm set
  • Spiral perm set
  • Piggy back perm set

Hair Removal (Waxing)

  • Eyebrow shaping
  • Facial waxing
  • Body waxing


  • Basic manicure
  • Basic pedicure


  • Basic facial